Upcoming HeartPath Kundalini Reiki Initiations

Saturday and Sunday, June 22-23, 2019, Sept. 14-15, 9-5p.m.

Ithaca Sun Studio, 620 Warren Place, Ithaca, NY.

Kundalini awakening and rising is at the Heart of all healing, meditation and yogic practices.  As long as our Kundalini is dormant, the full power and purpose for our life remains out of sight. Life is confusing and our inner guidance is beyond reach.

HeartPath Kundalini Reiki opens up the channels or chakras within to give us access to the wisdom of our own Heart.  Each Reiki Initiation deepens our awareness and reveals our inherent power within our own Self. HeartPath Tracking enables us to “track” or follow the guidance of the awakened Kundalini as she unfolds the clues and signs for us, in meditation and the outer world.

In this Golden Touch Kundalini Reiki Intensive, we will practice chanting and meditation techniques to open awareness to the dynamic Kundalini energy. With each Reiki Initiation, we go deeper into the revelations  and connections within the Heart.  As we share Reiki with other participants, the energy stabilizes inside and our awareness of outer opportunities and guidance rises. We become steeped in the conviction that our life, exactly as it is, is our golden opportunity to become who we have always longed to be.

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Cost: $199.

Ten Week Group Spiritual Life Coaching: Transformation In The Moment.

Morning, Afternoon and Evening Groups are available. Beginning Fall 2019 via Zoom

Who: Men and Women, 35 and up

Many people benefit from Group Coaching more than Individual. The support and “mirroring” from others creates deeper connections in our personal/work relationships and to the HeartPath tools. In addition, sharing Tracking events and Reiki Healing each week with others opens us to breakthroughs;  empowering us to sustain our own changes more in day to day life. If this is what you are looking for then Ravi’s Ten Week Spiritual Life Coaching Group is perfect for you.

Cost: $399 USD

*This course is perfect for returning clients/students plus new people

Sundays Mantras, Meditations & Intention Circle

Every Sunday, 9-10 A.M EST (NY Time)

Ithaca Sun Studio, 620 Warren Place, Ithaca, NY.

In this certification class, get ready to take your healing work to a whole new level. HeartPath Reiki is a highly intuitive and visionary modality. This restorative and relaxing hands-on practice offers you the skills to share compassion and healing with others. Here is an introduction to HeartPath Guided Meditations:


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Cost: Free of charge

Healing The Sacred Warrior

Despite the desire many men have to heal and explore what it means to be a man in the current age, there are relatively few opportunities to do this in a safe, supportive, and authentic space. Ravi’s new course for men will address this need by providing the safe space for men to come together and share their experiences, questions, desires, and inner knowledge about how to embody healthy masculinity. Courses are offered throughout the year.

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“The Heart is the hub of all sacred places. Go there and roam.”

-Bhagawan Nityananda