HeartPath Reiki

Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Energy. Reiki is administered through hands on healing or attunements. Certified Reiki Master Initiations enable students to offer Reiki Healing to others.


HeartPath Reiki attunements and healings allow us to flourish and stay in the fire of transformation, clearing the blocks and obstacles that sabotage our own heart’s path! Staying immersed in this dance with Universal life energy is absolutely essential for manifesting our Heart’s Intent in this world. HeartPath Reiki Certifications remove the inner and outer obstacles, focus our awareness on the experience of the open Heart and give us the stamina to gift this healing and awakening energy to others!

Many people have asked what is the difference between HeartPath Reiki Initiations and traditional Reiki systems? After close to thirty years of Reiki training and practice, first as an Usui then as a Shamballa Reiki Master plus study of Rainbow and Karuna Reiki, my experience shows:

Intention and Tracking. HeartPath Reiki initiations awaken us to the power of Intention in expanding our awareness and literally “seeing” or Tracking that Intention as it spirals out into our lives. This builds our conviction in the power of the Reiki, thus strengthening our outer enthusiasm and inner connection. Quite simply we don’t let the practice slip away like so many other systems most of us have connected to along the path. The combination of Intention and Tracking quickly shifts our behaviors and conviction to aligning more and more with the Universal Life Force, Ki or Shakti. This increases our capacity to stay engaged with the experiences of that sacred Intent as it manifests more  in daily life.

As we learn to hold our awareness and act from our sacred Heart’s Intent, efforting our way through life diminishes; while increasing realizations of our symbiosis with the divine unfold, inside and in the outer world as well. HeartPath Reiki is dedicated to awakening humanity to one simple truth: Each of us is Divine, exactly as we are!

Tracking that divinity in the ordinary, and extraordinary, experiences of our lives is the path to full realization of our Divinity.

Upcoming HeartPath Reiki Initiation Weekends:

Saturday & Sunday, June 22-23, 2019 & September 14-15, 2019,  9-5 p.m. both days.

Ithaca Sun Studio, 620 Warren Place, Ithaca, NY 14850

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“The eternal, pure and blissful Self abides in the Heart, The Chamber of Light”

~Swami Chidvilasananda