Ten Week Spiritual Life Coaching: Transformation In The Moment!

When: Two sections of this course will be offered for ten consecutive weeks.
Tuesdays- 4:30- 6 p.m. Thursdays- 8-9:30 p.m. EST Time for both classes.

Classes begin the week of May 7th, 2019.

Who: This course is ideal for people with some meditation and self-development experience. Unsure if this is a fit for you- ask me. Simply email or text me @ 607-220-6088.

Cost: $399 USD for the entire package!

Many people benefit from Group Coaching more than Individual. The support and “mirroring” from others creates deeper connections in our personal/work relationships and to the HeartPath tools. In addition, sharing Tracking events and Reiki Healing each week with others opens us to breakthroughs;  empowering us to sustain our own changes more in day-to-day life. If this is what you are looking for then Ravi’s Ten Week Spiritual Life Coaching Group is perfect for you.

*This course is perfect for returning clients/students plus new people

Why join your group? Commitment, Clarity, Accountability, and Support! This course will deepen our understanding of how our five universal archetypes (The Child, Victim, Prostitute, Saboteur and Addict) can thwart or empower our life. I’ll be teaching participants to harness the innate power and gift of these archetypes through use of five HeartPath practices: Intentional Living, Meditation, Symbolic Tracking, Inquiry and Reiki Healing.
Over the last twenty years of study and practice with the archetypes, I have led thousands of people through their own archetypal journeys into deeper, sustained self discovery and empowerment. Are you ready to change how you have been seeing and relating to You? If you are, a richer and bigger life awaits you!

Commit to the highest and best version of you today! Use HeartPath Coaching to clarify what you want to change in you, for you!

What do you get? Ten 90 minute classes plus weekly 30 minute Coaching Practicum session and unlimited text and email with Ravi throughout the course. 

Any questions, email Ravi: ravi@raviwalsh.com