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We all ‘know’, in our mind, that the experience of Joy, Devotion, Love, and Faith are where we feel most deeply connected to ourselves, one another, and at profound inner peace with our life circumstances.

We all ‘know’ that our agitations, frustrations, heavy heartedness, and complaints begin and exist in our thinking.

We all ‘know’ the experience of flowing into a serendipitous joyful moment only to ‘know’ we will be back in the angst and resistance of life again and again and again.

How do we change the cycle? We Need Tools!


“Go! Just go!

There will come a moment when you know it’s time. Time to commit to your heart. Time to say to the excuses, “Thank you, but I don’t need you anymore.” Time to answer questions about yourself that have yet to be satisfactorily addressed. Time to face your fears. Time to love yourself.

Ravindra Walsh offers loving and careful guidance as you discover your true self. You will be taught specific strategies for dissecting your thoughts and finding pearls of wisdom within them.

You will be taught practices that lead to a heightened awareness of how the universe is working with you not against you. You will be supported while you build your stamina for meditation and sharpen your intellect for contemplation.

Ravindra is truly a gifted guide. His own faith journeys has primed him for teaching others the way to “know thyself.” He is well studied and practiced in all that he teaches. He will never ask anyone to do anything that he himself hasn’t done. His compassion and deeply sincere interest in the students is clearly evident from class one.
So what are you waiting for?


~Ellie B.