Here is a Question and Answer session with a participant from The Embodiment sessions that I offer as part of the I Am Avatar Year long Empowerment Guided Meditations and Embodiment sessions. I find  Q & A to be very helpful in understanding and creating fresh practices to bring awareness into the present moment; the only “place and time” we are truly living our lives. My replies are in bold.

Hi Ravi,

Thank you for your response and comments.   I know you’ve already got this :  )   I wanted to share before we moved onto the next Transmission/Empowerment session in November.

I am often surprised to hear things like, ” I know you’ve already got this”. I admit there was a time that I was quite interested in being seen as someone who has, “already got this.” I can’t remember “him” much anymore but now I just chuckle at how absurd that whole notion is. Who is going to “get this stuff” anyway? It’s the nature of the ego to attach to mind games like that, so we can safely say it is the ego who wants to be seen as someone who has already “got this”. So why is the ego so attached to being seen that way? I can only deduce that it is because of fear and the subsequent experience of suffering. When fear arises, if we blindly attach to it then the attachment is prolonged into suffering. The only reason any of us would drop the whole notion of being in the “know” about this spiritual journey or life is because we recognize that attaching to the role of being a Teacher or Guru or something is now causing suffering. The end of all attachment comes with the question- Do you want to be here, now or in suffering?

Well of course I am asking myself the questions.  I guess the questions and some of answers surprised me and caught the Ego off guard.

I love sharing the joy of questioning with others. When we stay in questions, we naturally experience this deepening of our present experience; like diving deeper into the ocean. When we are swimming in the ocean of pure consciousness or moment to moment living, it’s necessary to learn how to ride the waves. Some waves are small and easy to drift along, like running a little late or a minor disruption to our plans (for me it is no coffee in the house 🙁 . These waves may knock us down but we recover pretty quickly, “there’s always time to go out for good coffee : )

Then we have to learn to deal with the bigger waves. Loss of relationships, deaths, dealing with our addictive patterns, etc. these are the big waves that tumble most people. When I was young and body surfing in the ocean, we were taught to dive when big waves came rolling in. It only makes sense right? After you get flipped over and your face is pounded into the sand a couple of times, you learn real quick that trying to ride or worse yet, fight, the wave is not going to work. Instead dive deeper. It’s the same thing for inner work. The ego is like you riding the waves. The best way to dive is to pause, ask and listen. When we find ourselves reacting, we can pause instead of fighting our perceived assailant. We can ask ourselves any question about the experience and listen to our Head, Heart and Hara ( these are tools we use in HeartPath Inquiry- message me if you want a free copy) for new answers. Turning to questions instead of reactions is the perfect conditioning for the ego to learn to ride those bigger waves and experience our self mastery.

What I discovered about myself is that I am always looking for an “event” rather than focusing on the moment which is how life is processed.

Isn’t this a great realization! I love how she identifies our whole “problem” in just one sentence- “I am always looking for an event.” Of course we are! We are conditioned from childhood to look for events here. Everything about our world sustains this future seeking. We are regularly encouraged to seek the next event or process the event that has already happened. It would be fine if we could accept all that has happened as perfect and peaceful. But most of us experience the past with some degree of regret or worse yet, guilt. And, most of us experience the future with anticipatory anxiety. This too isn’t personal, it is the natural result of going into these unreal worlds- past and future.

As the Teacher Byron Katie said, “Want guilt get a past. Want fear get a future.”

Old feelings are comfortable and support “our story” so we naturally fall backwards instead of going forward.

Yes, feelings or emotions (energy in motion) do provide clues as to why we stay enamored with the our story. I am not sure if there is a “backwards” to fall into. That too sounds like a story and for me when I believe it, I am now tied to “getting beyond my past”, that is one big wave!  Instead I wonder about the simple emotional movement back into the present moment and into joy. This eases awareness out of any seeking or fixing and into the bliss of this present moment.

I used to believe that I would just be useless in the here and now. My attachment to some future “me” was like a superhero- faster than a speeding locomotive of dread, able to leap tall negativities in a single bound and strong enough to endure any put down bullets! Now, I see how pausing and returning to the present moment opens me to my real super powers: recognizing the perfection spiraling out into my world, feeling cared for no matter what is happening and cherishing the secret ways that life reveals the preciousness of every event! After all, the scriptures of every major spiritual tradition teach that within the Present Moment, we realize that everything external to us is made of the same consciousness that we are. Therefore, it can only reflect that which it is joy reflects joy, freedom and love reflect freedom and love.

With this new recognition and the continual practice of taking notice, I hope I will be able to move off “stuck” more often and find peace and contentment in the now.

Yes! Hope is a great generator for appreciation and connection to the Now. I also find inquiry to be very helpful. And when we lose touch with that hope, we can turn to others for support. Living in the present moment is the ultimate yoga. For we never know where we are going to be stretched next. We get one “pose” say, hope down, then before you know it we are invited into a totally different pose, like “asking for support”. The Yoga of the Present Moment is constantly throwing us curve balls to condition our body, mind and spirit.

Didn’t really realize how stuck I was and how the old story just isn’t cutting it any more.

Sounds like you AREN’T Stuck any more!!!
And I love Tracking the progression of this sentence- once you realized where you were stuck, you saw why,  you have been living or believing in an old story. That realization frees awareness to realize that this story” just isn’t cutting it any more!” And that yields to freedom!!!!!!!

Those old feelings are limiting, keeps me stuck in the past and prevents the now from unfolding.

Well, that is the amazing thing isn’t it- the Now CAN’T unfold. Only the perception of “past” and “future” can create the illusion of time passing. Without these constructs, there is only this now. The only “place” we have ever been is Here, Now. So congrats on realizing that the feelings- emotions- keep us limited to this experience of life- Past and Future, Past and Future…. The Now is completely lost in those thoughts. The present moment is all that is, was and ever will be. When we are lost in thoughts, we can experience life as this journey with a past and future. There is inherently nothing wrong with this, except when the experience/awareness of the present moment is lost. When this happens, and we all know this one, we are stuck in a regret and fear, regret and fear with brief feelings of fond recollections from the past and anticipation about some future. Is that worth sacrificing the joy of the present moment?

When we awaken to the prolonged emptiness that comes from living in the past and future, we are naturally empowered to begin, again, practicing present moment awareness. In fact the whole purpose to the game of feeling stuck in the past/ future is to awaken our longing for our true life, that is only happening in the present moment. This longing spurns us to change, to grow beyond those limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This is the secret to the Buddha’s Teaching, “The Purpose of Suffering is Knowledge.” For most of us, suffering inevitably leads us to seek out knowledge in the present moment.

Thank you for your input as you can’t put a price on good intel, it is greatly appreciated.  See you next month!

I agree. On the mission to discover and master the present moment, good “intel” is everything. Thank you for committing to YOU!