After thirty years of working as a Healer and Coach, the one question I have been asked over and over  is: How do I create the life of my dreams? They say that mastery is attained only after we put in 10,000 hours. After all those sessions with my true Teachers- my clients-  and my own inner work, the answer was revealed: Heal, Sustain and Thrive.
Resolve to heal the patterns/addictions that pull us down and into our suffering again and again and again.
Yes, You Can!
Resolve to sustain the love and light within yourself through engaging with new tools and practices every day.
Yes, You Can!
Resolve to allow, yes allow yourself, to thrive in the life of your dreams.
Yes, You Can!

Until we heal and learn to sustain new tools and practices for everyday living, we will continue to sabotage our progress toward living our dream. After years of listening to my partners and friends scream at my denial, I couldn’t stand it any more. It was just too damn painful to deny the truth that I was choosing to go backwards instead of forward. (The Sun just broke through the clouds as I wrote those words). I was sick and  tired of seeing my students and clients thriving because they were willing to actually practice what I was coaching them to do! If you are a Healer or Coach, you know about this one. Just because we can share it with others doesn’t mean we are healing, sustaining and thriving in our own life. I have met many Healers, Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Inspirational Speakers and Writers who bring great love and light to others, while they secretly deny themselves those same gifts.

I know how sad that is because I was one of those people.

Now, I have joined the truly fortunate ones who are actually living their dream life one day at a time! They are committed to healing, sustaining and thriving in the one life they have, their own. Like an alchemist who transforms base metals into gold, they have given up chasing another life or getting their satisfaction from watching others thrive. Instead they have taken up the task of transforming their past, their issues, their potential into the life of their dreams. They are committed and humble enough to ask for  help to do it everyday.

If you can see, feel and dream it, that’s because it is now within your grasp to live it!  Take the risk and begin by asking for help; no one walks their path alone.

Remember, no matter how many times you fall, get up!
Mastery is not about falling, we all fall.
Mastery is about how fast we get back up!