Our practice of “Tracking our Intentions” is based on the Indian philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism that dates back to 850 CE. The premise is that our life events- even illness, loss and separation- are neutral. It is we who give them meaning. Instead of giving them the meaning we saw or see others giving them, how about we choose our own meanings?

For instance, how about we choose to see these challenging times in the world as Collective Awakenings? Like our own personal awakenings, the collective has much to awaken from: denial, ego attachments and blind faith; just to name a few. Like our own personal awakenings, the collective awakens and goes back to “sleep”; and just like us, we can count on them awakening again and again and again.

Most sincere seekers awaken gradually and the world is full of sincere seekers right now! When we consciously choose to stay true to our own meanings and perceptions, we empower the collective to find deeper meaning along with us. When we embrace these times as made just for us, we truly see these collective challenges and shifts as gifts for our path to awakening. The more we use these times to unearth our inner strengths, conviction in our Self and even as opportunities to be content with our own company, the easier it is to see that this is what we have to share with the collective.

When we stay true to our own Self, we empower others to do the same- and they are! This time is the ” Course in Miracles”! Seeing and acknowledging the Miracles in our own everyday life and Tracking them as guidance to the fulfillment of our own Intentions is the path to mastering our miracles! You are that Master! Wake up and live your mastery in every moment. Of course you will fall, everyone falls. Mastery isn’t about falling, mastery is about how fast we get back up!

Our own life begins when we choose our own Intentions for this time and our own meanings and descriptions along the way! We keep meditating, practicing Hatha Yoga, contemplating our experiences to sharpen our awareness and all this practice deepens our recognition and understanding that our life events are not happening to us, they are happening for us. With practice we do drop descriptions and interpretations all together; but until then we can refine them and broaden them to include clarity, kindness, tolerance and true care for everyone.

The more we practice finding our own meanings and descriptions, and that includes seeking guidance with trusted friends and Coaches, the more we see that our practice is our gift to the collective awakening!

Today is your day, how are you choosing to define and experience it for you? How are you seeing that choice as your gift to everyone?