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What is “ Spiritual Life Coaching”?

 Spiritual Life Coaching Certification is a guided spiritual/life direction and healing program focused on helping you and your clients realize and live to your highest potential. The program is grounded on a teaching that has guided my work for the past three decades:

 Knowledge of the Heart is a Firm Conviction!

~Siva Sutras

 This teaching conveys that each individual is a unique reflection of the Divine and that deeply understanding, accepting, and cultivating a connection with this knowledge brings the greatest joy to our lives and those we touch through our service.

 Why should one pursue HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaching Certification?


 HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaching Certification is a unique blend of tools and practices for awakening and self development. For the last twenty years, HeartPath tools have given me and thousands of others the experience of living from the Heart and staying connected to The Present Moment. The program is dedicated to providing students with the two components necessary to heal and change one’s entire inner and outer life – Transmissions and Embodiment of Kundalini Energy. These two processes create the understanding and experience needed to help clients move toward fulfillment of their life’s purpose and uninterrupted joy.

 I have been a Spiritual Life Coaches for over 25 years. My practice is derived from the sustained study and practice of consciousness awakening work with a Kundalini Master for the last 30 years. Kundalini, lit. coiled one, is the power behind the spiritual evolution of a human being. Through immersion in HeartPath Tools and Teachings, the Kundalini rises and centers within, leading to the permanent experience of our divine nature.  My undergraduate studies and early career in Psychology coupled with advanced study of the Eastern philosophies, Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism, plus multiple Reiki Healing Schools have led me to create Life Coaching programs that blend the best of the East and the West. Lastly I am a graduate of The School for The Work of Byron Katie and provide this and my own Inquiry tools for your training.

 I have also worked as a successful entrepreneur for the last 20 years learning trust based marketing tools that I now teach as part of this Coaching Certification program.

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Who is HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaching Certification ideal for?

  • Beginner and Experienced Life Coaches who want to better blend the Head and Heart in their Coaching practice with clear tools to do it.
  • Massage Therapists, Reiki and Yoga professionals who wish to add bioenergetics, Inquiry and Tracking to their practice.
  • Psychotherapists and LCSW’s interested in adding HeartPath Embodiment tools to their practice.
  • Experienced healers and students of spiritual paths who long to deepen and advance in their work and knowledge base through applying the philosophical and energetic application of HeartPath teachings and practices.                   

 The Certification Process

 HeartPath certification is divided into two parts: a personal immersion into the tools you will use in your own coaching practice and a advanced training in how to facilitate clients through these tools. The total program entails a six-month commitment. Students must have worked with me or a Certified HeartPath Spiritual Life Coach individually for at least six weeks to qualify for enrollment in this program. This 24-week program builds on your participation in Come Home to Your Heart (six to 24 weeks of personal work) to actively use the HeartPath tools with your own clients. The program opens students to a sustained experience of living in The Heart – the uninterrupted space of creative power in the present moment. In addition to covering the basics of working with clients, this program introduces the unique Tracking and Inquiry tools that are the cornerstone of HeartPath© Coaching and Healing.

Healing Your Own Wounds

 Heal: The first eight weeks are dedicated to working with the primary dissociative states of consciousness students are likely to confront in themselves and in clients. These most often show up as addictions, denial, anger, childhood wounds and loss issues that keep us disconnected from the Divine. I will introduce the Animal Totem wheel, HeartPath Reiki and Tracking for detecting and facilitating the transformation from dissociative states into higher levels of self-understanding, acceptance and inner love. Helping clients understand and work with their dissociative states is one of the first steps HeartPath coaches use to facilitate client awakenings to their own inner magic, guidance and power.

Sustaining Your Growth In The Present Moment

Sustain: The second eight weeks are dedicated to learning the skills needed to shift our experience in the present moment: creating one’s own reality through tracking intentions, empowering oneself to change from destructive to healthy/life sustaining behaviors, and incorporating the life power of selfless service to influence others along their path. To facilitate client ability to step into this work, the HeartPath© teaches the use of the Archetype Totem Wheel, HeartPath© and other Inquiry tools. These tools and practices enable coaches to empower their clients to become more self aware of their own inner light through accepting and exploring our confusion and self sabotage as a means to fulfillment of our own intentions; thus seeing them continuously unfold into our own lives.

Thriving In The Presence of Light

Thrive: The last eight weeks are given to working with the Transpersonal states of consciousness. These are recognized through one’s ability to live from a space of being fully engaged yet fully detached in daily life. Students cultivate the ability to understand and experience the unified field of consciousness and continually opening to higher states of connection and love for our own and other’s divinity. To facilitate stepping into this state, we use HeartPath Meditation Journeys, and hands on and distant HeartPath Reike initiations and Healings. We learn to turn the “heat” up and down for their development, attune to and catch their Tracking progress through our connection with the Heart.

Finally, HeartPath Spiritual Life Coaches recognize with firm conviction the steady stream of the Sacred unfolding through our divine service. In this way, we as HeartPath© Coaches embody our guiding Teaching, Knowledge of the Truth is a Firm Conviction.

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The Three Elective HeartPath Tools. Students Choose One.


Certified HeartPath© Master Tracker 

This 24 week minor program is specifically designed for individuals who want to specialize in the use of HeartPath Tracking modalities for their healing, mindfulness and coaching practice. Consisting of six immersions and examinations through the three phases of Tracking: Pause, Risk, Authenticity, students gain mastery skill levels in recognizing and guiding others through each of the phases. Upon completion students will demonstrate proficiency in “catching” the Tracking events unfolding in every teacher led practicum . Students will learn to create their own style of Tracking and incorporate it into their personal and professional practice. Finally, each student will be proficient in understanding and guiding others in the meaning of animal, archetype and present moment tracking events. 

Certified HeartPath© Contemplative Inquiry Teacher

This 24 week minor program is specifically designed for individuals who want to specialize in using HeartPath Contemplative Inquiry modality for their own and other’s healing and mindfulness practices. Upon completion of this elective, each student will demonstrate proficiency in listening/catching and developing questions for themselves and clients. Students will be proficient enough to guide others through Tracking Your Heart’s Intent Questions with full mastery of the HeartPath Contemplative Inquiry questions.

Certified HeartPath© Meditation and Journeys Teacher

This 24 week minor program is designed for individuals who wish to specialize in using HeartPath Meditation and Journeys as part of their own spiritual development and coaching practice. Each student will be guided in learning how to develop a Journey from storyboard and sensory layout to delivery and follow up questions for each Meditation Journey. Students will be required to complete four recordings of their journeys with clients to demonstrate mastery of these tools.


How and when will we work together?

  • 1 Weekly sixty or ninety-minute Group session in person, over the phone or Zoom.
  • 1 midweek thirty or sixty-minute private phone session with Ravi Walsh
  • Ongoing Facebook closed group for support and connection.
  • Weekly self-reflection/practicum homework independent and collaborative.
  • Participating in at least one Elective Workshop- Reiki, Tracking, Inquiry or Meditation Journeys while apprenticing with Ravi Walsh for the entire weekend.
  • Successfully complete your required elective recordings/videos for Certification.


Total Tuition for this program: 


Scholarships are available for accepted applicants.


“Enter The Heart, The Divine Splendor!”

                                                 ~Swami Chidvilasananda