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 We all ‘know’ that the experience of feeling awake, alive, free and connected to our inner guidance are where we feel most deeply connected to ourselves and one another. They also lead to the profound inner peace and effectiveness we seek in our lives.



We all ‘know’ that our agitations, frustrations, heavy heartedness, and complaints begin and are sustained in our thinking.


We all ‘know’ the experience of flowing into a serendipitous joyful moment only to also ‘know’ we will be back in the angst and resistance to life again and again and again.

How do we change this cycle?

Practices and Tools!


As a Life Coach, I help clients realize and live to their highest potential! I have thirty years of experience to draw upon from both classical psychology, self-development and spiritual awakening work. I have helped thousands of people break free from “stuck” places and embrace a whole new life for themselves and their loved ones. In fact, many of my clients’ family members end up working with me due to the changes they see in their loved one.

There is a saying in Coaching- What’s the difference between a Good Coach and a Great Coach? Client’s of a Good Coach say, “Wow Ravi, look what you did!” Client’s of a Great Coach say, “Wow Ravi, look what I did!” After years of being dissatisfied with being a Good Coach, I created tools and practices I learned through my ten thousand hours of study and inner work and turned them into tools and practices that I give to my clients. When you leave our work, you will have these tools in your belt; and I guarantee you that they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You are hiring me to reach your highest potential!

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My clients reach that potential through three stages:

1. Heal and Dare to Fall Blissfully in Love with Yourself, Again!

You can only love others (treat them with respect, kindness and show genuine interest in their lives) to the degree that you love yourself.  We all know this but have forgotten how to live it. True healing begins when you commit to dropping the patterns and habits that sabotage your healthy self esteem, the recognition of your intuitive guidance, humility, compassion and your ability to follow through on your commitments to live life from your best! This is daring to fall blissfully in love with yourself, again!

2. Sustain and Live from the Open Heart.

Continued use of HeartPath Tools and Practices- Intentional Living, Tracking, Inquiry and Meditation- allow us to carry our new inner state out into our relationships, career, all the while inspiring and empowering others to become all they can be! We remember how to love and live without expectations, cultivate and renew relationships by learning from others and truly caring for the world we live in. This way of living is called Present Moment Awareness and it is the most fulfilling for everyone!

3. Thrive and  Experience the Rapture of Being Alive.

In this stage, we recognize and pursue our inner work for the benefit of not just ourself but the entire world! We are now capable of being present in body, mind and spirit and we see the effects this has on making this world a paradise for all!  When we get this, we are in the Rapture of Being Alive! We can commit to live in balance, clarity and the Truth of  the Present Moment! Here is where all the power, all the peace and all the love we mistakenly sought in the outer world is found. At this stage of our inner journey, like nature, we live in perfect balance of giving and receiving.  And like Nature,  fulfillment comes in assisting others in finding their fulfillment!

My Individual Coaching Services:

What: Initially- 12 to 24 week sessions for Intensive immersions. Then many clients go on to work with me for 1-3 year commitments. All programs combine 2 hour weekly face to face meetings (in person or via Zoom or Skype) + Unlimited text and email support.

Introductory ProgramBreakthrough to You: Heal/Sustain!:  $85-$125 per hour for three months of Coaching. (Needs Based Sliding Scale) 

       * Unlimited enrollment in local and online courses for the duration of this program.

 Advanced Program- Living From Your Open Heart : Sustain/ Thrive!: $125-$250 per hour for three months of Coaching. (Needs Based Sliding Scale)

         * Unlimited enrollment in local and online courses for the duration of this program.

Year Long Programs: Living Your Dream/ Mastery!:  $25,000

* One Year of Two Hour Weekly Sessions

* Unlimited Text & Phone Support

* Sixty Consecutive Days of Morning Mediation

* One Weekend Intensive Vision Quest Solo with Me

* Unlimited Enrollment in Private Facebook Group and Group Courses

Where: Online, phone or Office: Ithaca Sun Studio- 620 Warren Place, Ithaca, NY, 14850

When: Contact me now for your complimentary session!

Why:  Are ready to take a major leap in your self-development? Are you a Leader looking to lead from the Heart?          I definitely want to talk with you!

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